About us
LTP advises organisations on the basis of actual insight into people. For example when recruiting people and selecting the most suitable candidate. Or during the development of people, teams and organisations. Understanding the behaviour of people in organisations forms the basis of our approach, and is still the main principle of our services.

LTP provides insight, advice and services to improve the effectiveness of organisations and to give people the opportunity to develop their talents. LTP intensively cooperates with several universities and disposes of, for the Netherlands, unique knowledge in the area of peoples performing in organizations. Psychological and managerial insights are combined with practically oriented advices and counselling.

LTP is a management consulting firm that was founded in 1927. In helping organizations improve their effectiveness, LTP focuses on the determinants of behaviour of people in organizations. Over the years we have acquired and developed valuable knowledge on factors that determine peoples behaviour, both from an individual as from an organizational perspective.

We therefore combine business and psychological factors in our management consultancy. Besides (developmental) assessments we offer management consultancy, management trainings, management and career coaching. LTP has ample experience in all these areas.

LTP is a member of GAPI, the Global Alliance for Performance Improvement. GAPI is an international cooperation of HRM consultancy firms specialized in products and services in the field of Assessment and Development.
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