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Every organisation regularly decides to appoint people to jobs. Nevertheless decisions like these are extremely important. If a wrong decision is taken, it could cost the company at least a years salary. Failing to identify talent already present in an organisation is often even more expensive, in terms of objectives and results that are not attained. A good diagnosis in the form of an assessment is therefore particularly valuable, both when taking selection decisions and determining an employees development potential.

LTP has years of experience in the field of assessments. Anyone can supervise the filling in of questionnaires and role-plays. The important thing is to give recommendations which really provide a grip on the future functioning and development potential of a candidate based on the results of the assessment centre. We compile our assessments in such a way that a thorough assessment is made of the characteristics of a personality and fundamental motives, as well as of the candidates competences.

On the basis of the results, our experienced consultants judge a candidates qualities and potential for growth, and give specific advice on their potential and on how to help (future) employees develop.

Assessment is not a standard product. It is tailored to the individual request and the specific characteristics of an organisation.
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